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Oscar Wilde - Standing Ovations


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51) Ms Max from Oregon, USA/Zurich Switzerland wrote at 4.Januar 2007 um 20:54 Uhr:
mcsquared26@gmail.com --
Hello Claudia,
My birth name is Claudine. My parents moved to USA in 1957 when I was 5.
Have you read Peter Ackroyd's book, The Last Will & Testament of Oscar Wilde?
How long have you been a fan of Oscar? I think your website is WONDERFUL. Thank you for all the information.
In the London of Oscar Wilde section, is the photo of the Savoy Theater (http://www.Mr-Oscar-Wilde.de/picshow/london/Images/03.JPG) taken since it's rebuilding? i.e. it says it was rebuilt in 1992 and the photo was taken in 2004?
Thank you, again, for your website.

51b) Anzeige / Angebote wrote at 25.September 2017:

50) Ms Max from Oregon, USA wrote at 4.Januar 2007 um 20:49 Uhr:
mcsquared26@gmail.com --
On your photographs page you have a photo of Wilde attributed to two different photographers,
Downney (http://www.Mr-Oscar-Wilde.de/picshow/downey/Images/03.jpg) and Ellis & Walery (http://www.Mr-Oscar-Wilde.de/picshow/walery/Images/06.jpg).
Which photographer did the photo, and do you have a date? Thank you.
p.s. I love your site, especially the photos of London buildings/locations Wilde frequented, as seen today.
Ms. Max

49) Bine from germany wrote at 29.November 2006 um 09:12 Uhr:
Binchen.Binchen@gmx.de --
Dear Claudia,

thanks for your page ... I really enjoyed it.
I had to do a presentation about Oscar Wilde for my University and your page helped me very much.
Great ... please keep on doing this.

48) Shane from USA wrote at 15.November 2006 um 21:09 Uhr:
enahshy@aol.com --
I'm writing a paper on literary criticism of An Ideal Husband. If anyone knows of any good books or essays I should check out, please drop me a line.

47) Josephine from Germany wrote at 28.September 2006 um 00:34 Uhr:
This page is wonderful. Thanks so much to whoever has made it. Love it!

46) chilly from austria wrote at 28.Juli 2006 um 11:25 Uhr:
chillly_@hotmail.com --
This page is really amazing!

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